I was born in New Ulm, Minnesota and spent my first seven years living on a farm. The impact of the experiences of being immersed in nature had a lasting influence on my choice of life style and profession as an artist. Inspiration for subject matter, color, techniques and materials all originate in what I see around me---be that of places near and far. An example of those influences was my first butterfly collection at the age of five or six which seemed to express my awakening interest in color, pattern and organization of elements. That may also explain my life-long interest in choosing and nurturing plants in my garden,  I often say that my passions are my family, friends, art and garden, closely followed by travel, cooking, reading and many, many more ever growing interests.

I am grateful for many opportunities in my Lawrence, Kansas community for expanding creative growth—classes relating new techniques, materials and new forms of expressions, people willing to share and teach, friends to encourage exploration. My goals are to create works of art in a variety of materials  to educate, appreciate, enjoy and inspire people to live in a creative atmosphere which focuses on reaching their fullest and highest potential.